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Our Gorant chocolates are produced at the Gorant plant located in Boardman, Ohio USA. Gorant purchases their cocoa from refiners that acquire most of their cocoa beans free trade from the Ivory Coast of Africa. The factory is capable of producing more than two million pounds of chocolates per year!

Gorant's selects only the very best ingredients and flavorings to make the gourmet chocolates. Gorant's has over 400 unique chocolate items to select for both everyday and seasonal occasions with more created daily.

The Gorant Chocolatier, Yum Yum Tree, of Austintown store offers a wide variety of boxed chocolates, fudge, chocolate molds, bagged chocolates and candy, panned fruit, nuts & candy and showcase candies along with hand dipped and decorated fresh fruit such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and raspberries and more.

Our store also sells the very popular Yum Yums which are the individually wrapped Gorant chocolate pieces and very reasonably priced. There is a wide selection offered such as Meltaways, Peanut Butter Smoothies, Pecan Tootles, Chocolate Butter Caramels, French Mints, Cashew Clusters, Maple Nut Crème, Raspberry Crème, Chocolate Marshmallows, Coconut Crème, Chocolate Sea Salt, and many, many more! We also have YumYum of the month specials

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